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OrgelkidsCAN Resources

Educational Resources

The OrgelkidsCAN program provides guidance and materials on setting up and conducting an event that lets kids build and play the Orgelkit. OrgelkidsCAN focuses on the practical application of principles taught in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum to the design, construction and musical functions of a working pipe organ.  

OrgelkidsCAN Lesson Plans offer planning materials and suggestions on how to organize a space and event flow to give children the best value from the OrgelkidsCAN experience before, during, and after having the Orgelkit.

Engaging Activity Worksheets enhance the curriculum by providing users with fun educational activities.

Music for Playing includes sheet music that combines multiple instruments together, giving kids the ability to make music with others using the Orgelkit. 

Assembly & Packing

The OrgelkidsCAN Assembly and Packing instructions aid in the hands-on experience of building a working pipe organ.    

Illustrated Assembly and Packing Instructions guide groups of kids in specific assembly and disassembly steps.

Ciphers and How to Fix Them  provides detailed instructions on how to fix common and easily fixable issue that might occur during the building and use of an Orgelkit.

Tips to Maximize the OrgelkidsCAN Experience

With OrgelkidsCAN's detailed resources, there are many ways that you can use OrgelkidsCAN in your school, community event, or privately.


  1. Take full advantage of OrgelkidsCAN's STEM based program by involving Science, Math, and Music teachers in your event. Use our STEM lesson plans or encourage teaches to incorporate OrgelkidsCAN into their existing curriculum.  
  2. Organize a school-wide event that has students from all grades involved. Assemble the Orgelkit in a central location (gym, library, etc.) and have separate groups of students play and learn from the Orgelkit one at a time. 


  1. Libraries can host exciting events that combine the reading of a book about music with the demonstration of an Orgelkit. This is a perfect way to inspire a child's curiosity for reading and music.
  2. Organists can use OrgelkidsCAN to create an interactive experience for children and families as either a unique event, part of an ongoing children's program, or during a worship service.

The Royal Canadian College of Organists

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The Royal Canadian College of Organists

Centre for Social Innovation

201-720 Bathurst St

Toronto, ON M5S 2R4

Téléphone : 416.929.6400
Courriel : info[

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