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Times, venues and presenters subject to change without notice. Check back on this page for publishing of updates or changes.

Pipes, Popes, and Polarization: Vatican II and the Organ

Stefani Bedin

2023 marks the sixtieth anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. This document has had a profound impact on liturgical music practices in the Catholic tradition and ecumenically. This lecture explores the impact of Vatican II’s reforms on organists and organ music.

A Place for All: Intentional Choir Rehearsal

Elaine Choi

In this workshop, we will explore choral technique that can help choristers feel more connected with their instruments and make singing more efficient and effortless as they age. We will also explore intentional rehearsal strategies that make rehearsals meaningful. Rehearsals can be much more than rehearsing repertoire, they are also opportunities for community building, personal growth, and self-care.

Casavant Frères Organs in Toronto

Danny Wiseman, Project Director

This lecture presents the important events that have marked the 143 years of the remarkable history of Casavant Frères, since its foundation in October 1879 by Claver and Samuel Casavant. A retrospective of the Casavant organs that have been installed in the Toronto area since 1904 will illustrate these historical milestones.

A Different Beast: Coaxing Expressivity from Virtual Organs

Kevin Komisaruk

This workshop explores whether the expressive range of virtual organs can be developed by adopting performance practices that are distinct from acoustic or even digital instruments. We will discuss challenges and opportunities of virtual platforms, and how our awareness of both builds attention and receptivity to nuance more broadly.

Cypress Choral Music Reading Session

Larry Nickel

Make valuable discoveries for your choir. We will cover 40 titles which are ideal for music ministry. We will sing together! Those in attendance will receive a free set of octavos for their choirs. Cypress Choral Music represents over 260 Canadian composers.

Employment Issues? Applying for a New Position? Discuss Concerns with Your Professional Support Committee and Others

Patricia Wright, panel moderator

A panel of colleagues, moderated by Dr. Patricia Wright, including Dr. Fred Kimball Graham (chair of Professional Support), Greg Walshaw (member of the committee). Fr. John-Mark Missio (College Chaplain), Dr. Sarah Svendsen (Summer Organ Academy), and others will discuss employment concerns and field questions from attendees. The College's new edition of The Employment of a Church Musician is just about to be released.

Integrating Occupational Health and Safety into Organ Playing and Study

Sarah Svendsen

Sarah Svendsen will review the concept of playing pain in organ playing and will overview some highlighted cultural and physical influences in organ playing pain risks. The presentation will include some recommended approaches to instrument interface and generalized practice techniques.

Bach Said this Organ was OK! Recording in Naumburg

William H.M. Wright

William Wright will recount his adventures in getting permission to record on the Hildebrandt organ in Naumburg, meeting the organist and coping with frigid temperatures at night. This instrument won Bach's seal of approval shortly before he died.

Putting the "Play" into Hymn Playing!

Jonathan Oldengarm

Hymn playing is one of those tasks that brings us closest to the congregation - and doing it well can enrich worship immeasurably. Much of the art lies in finding freedom from the printed page and rejoicing in colour and variety, while still providing decisive yet flexible rhythmic leadership. Explore tips and tricks with Jonathan Oldengarm, as he shares his passion for this unique art form.

Playing the Organ Works of Georg Muffat

Kola Owolabi

This workshop will deal with performance practice issues related to the performance of Muffat's music and South German baroque repertoire more broadly. We will consider aspects of musical style and ornamentation and the characteristics of South German baroque organs.

OrgelkidsCAN: Introduce a New Generation to the Wonders of the Pipe Organ!

OrgelkidsCAN (Sebastian Moreno coordinating)

In this interactive workshop participates will learn how to use the OrgelkidsCAN program by building an Orgelkit and receiving instruction in the many educational resources available.

Carillon Demonstration: University of Toronto (Soldiers' Tower)

Roy Lee

Installed in 1927, the University of Toronto's 51-bell Soldiers' Tower Carillon is the only carillon of tuned cast bronze bells played from a keyboard at a Canadian university. Its largest bell weighs about 4 tons. Participants will climb about 100 steps up the tower to the carillon, and will be rewarded with seeing and hearing the bells up close! Please note that a waiver of liability will need to be signed to participate in this workshop.

Carillon Demonstration: Metropolitan United Church

Roy Lee

Installed in 1922 and recently renovated, Metropolitan United Church's historic 54-bell carillon is the oldest in North America tuned using modern techniques. Its largest bell weighs 8,456 pounds. Participants will experience a strenuous climb of about 130 steps up the tower to the carillon, and will be rewarded with seeing and hearing the bells up close! Please note that a waiver of liability will need to be signed to participate in this workshop.

Cornflakes and Cornopeans: The Collaborations, Collusions, and Collisions of W.K. Kellogg and E.M. Skinner

Brooks Grantier (OHS)

Among the "rich and famous" who purchased pipe organs, the relationship between W.K. Kellogg and the Skinner/A-S Organ Company stands out. Between 1925 and 1941, Mr. Kellogg funded, in whole or in part, six (conjectured seven) organs from the Skinner/A-S Company. In recently discovered correspondence, Mr. Kellogg reveals himself a brand-loyal but tough costumer, quietly providing organs in generous but highly private fashion.

OHS 101: Everything You Wanted to Know about the OHS and More!

Edward McCall and Marcia Sommers

Spend a few minutes with CEO Ed McCall and Executive Assistant Marcia Sommers to discover the many facets (and a few secrets) of the Organ Historical Society! Since the fall of 2017 and located in Villanova, PA, the OHS has become the repository for extensive records of American organ building. It is well known that the OHS holds extensive records of the Aeolian-Skinner company, E.G.G. Hook & Hastings, Moller and many others. The Society is widely respected for its inclusionary view of the world of organs, organists, and organ-building, and is proud to have Dr. Rollin Smith as its Publications Director and Len Levasseur as photographer and lay-out editor of The Tracker and other OHS publications. Come meet us; we are looking forward to meeting YOU!

The 24-hour Organist

Barry Peters

This session will focus on repertoire that is accessible for the organist with little or no time to prepare weekly service music. A broad spectrum of tuneful and approachable music from simple to moderately easy will be presented. Come prepared to expand your organ library and that of your organ students!


The Royal Canadian College of Organists

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The Royal Canadian College of Organists

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Toronto, ON M4Y 1J9

Téléphone : 416.929.6400
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