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For current members: If you wish to see information about the membership renewal process, please log in and view the page called Membership Renewal Information under the Members menu.

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Be Inspired

Whether you’re an organist, a choir director or simply someone who is deeply moved by the organ and its music, membership will offer you a multitude of opportunities to experience the instrument. Live this experience through RCCO-sponsored organ and choral concerts featuring world-class organists and choral directors in the presence of Canada’s finest instruments. In unbelievable detail. On an unbelievable scale. Join Now

Be Supported

The world evolves, needs change, and we need to change right along with it. From the beginning, the RCCO has devoted itself to providing professional development and outreach support to our members in today’s working environment. No matter what your skill level or stage of development, as a member you have a wide variety of resources available to support your education, accreditation, financing and professionalism.

The College offers a seven-level certification program for both organists and choir directors to provide them with internationally recognized professional accreditations. The Travelling Clinician program brings in accomplished teachers throughout the year to offer local workshops across the country on a variety of practical organ and choral topics. An Organ Academy is held each summer during the national festival to offer learning opportunities in three streams for youth 14-18, performers and church organists.

These national programs complement a multitude of local initiatives such as recitals, social events and workshops, including Pipe Organ Weeks, aimed at introducing young people of all ages to the organ and its music.

We recognize that the development of musical skills requires a significant commitment in time, effort and resources to realize your dreams. To match this commitment, the RCCO offers its members a wide variety of scholarships and grants at both the national and local levels for organists and choir directors who wish to develop and advance their skills. The RCCO also provides competitions for organists to build their professional credentials.

The College is founded on a code of ethics link to code of Ethics that assures the highest level of professionalism. A Professional Concerns group offers arbitration and dispute resolution to all our members. This, along with local Centre support and collegial encouragement from members across the country provides a strong social and professional support network for all our members.

Learn and grow. Be supported. Join Now

Be Informed

We live in an information age. And nothing speaks to our love of the instrument more than timely, accurate information about events, growth opportunities, resources and accreditation. From education to events to employment and networking, you’ll have all the latest information and resources at your fingertips. 

As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to job listings, a national Membership Directory and a range of no-charge Educational Resources,

Our world-class magazine, Organ Canada, is the place to go for up-to-the-minute news and reviews of all things organ and choral in Canada. Members receive significant discounts on journals, publications and events of partner organizations such as the American Guild of Organists and the Royal College of Organists.

Organ Canada is published four times a year.

Be informed. Join Now

Share Your Passion

What we offer to each other is as important as what we receive in return — as members, we build on the legacy entrusted to us. Through annual national festivals, Centre events or simply by offering support by your presence, every member contributes to the sense of community that is collectively and uniquely the RCCO.

Whether you’re an organist, a choir director or simply someone who is deeply moved by the instrument, as an RCCO member you are an integral part of a community of like-minded people who share your passion. We seek to enrich the lives of others through our music, skills and knowledge. Each of us has something to offer, something to give, that strengthens and nurtures our community, that publicly promotes the organ and its music in worship and in concert.

Share your skills. Share your passion. Join Now

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414 - 15 Case Goods Lane
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Courriel : info@rcco.ca

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